Dubai has been ranked the top FDI destination in 2008 as per the FDI Intelligence magazine of London based Financial Times.In its position as the top destination city for FDI for 2008, Dubai attracted a total of 342 projects, had $21 billion (Dh77.3 billion) of capital investment and created over 58,000 new jobs. The number of FDI projects set up in Dubai grew by 59% on 2007 figures and capital investment soared from $9bn to $21bn between 2007 and 2008, a growth of 123%.Dubai has for the first time been classified as the top destination city in the world surpassing the likes of London and Shanghai. Through FDI during 2008, Dubai has attracted 35% of total projects, 14% of capital investment and 25% of the jobs created in the MENA region.

A recent Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry study indicates that the UAE pharmaceutical market is one of the most developed markets in the Middle East, with a strong healthcare infrastructure and the highest per-capita medicine expenditure in the Middle East. The market continues to attract manufacturers and traders to the region.

Source: Dubai Economic Department website